Does Invisalign Work? Facts to Consider

Orthodontic treatments through an orthodontist Broomfield are no longer performed on just children. Even in adults, corrections are usually possible at any age. Individual age is less important than the person’s oral dental and periodontium health.

Treatment early on

In contrast to misalignment of the maxilla and mandible, pure malocclusions can still be treated very well with an orthodontic appliance, even in adulthood. For the treatment of jaw malpositioning, however, oral surgery must be performed. With a high-performance cleaning device, an orthodontist broomfield can clean removable, orthodontic appliances in their dental laboratory quickly, efficiently and effectively. This helps to prevent gingivitis, bad breath, heavy tartar deposits and ensures the equipment stays in perfect working order.

When it comes to the orthodontic treatment of adults, in particular, aesthetics plays a major role. For a very inconspicuous therapy, dentists may offer their patients transparent splints, ceramic braces, and internal braces.


The invisalign broomfield system uses transparent, custom-fit rails (aligners) that can be used to correct many mild and moderate misalignments. They are very discreet and are considered an aesthetic, metal-free alternative to conventional braces broomfield. Here are some advantages to consider:

Unobtrusive correction: Due to the clear, transparent plastic trays, fellow human beings will hardly notice that you are wearing a dental splint.

Comfort: The Invisalign rail is extremely thin (only 0.5 mm) and fits precisely, which makes wearing them during therapy pleasant.

Gentle treatment: In contrast to conventional fixed braces, splint therapy with Invisalign is virtually pressure and pain-free.

Practical in everyday life: Invisalign can be removed at any time for eating, drinking or dental care.

Biocompatible: The metal-free splints are highly compatible - incompatibilities or allergy risks are virtually eliminated.

A broad range of use: Mild to medium malpositioning and narrow tooth gaps can be corrected. An application is possible in the upper and lower jaw, both simultaneously and independently.


With the completion of orthodontic therapy, the teeth are usually arranged correctly. However, successful treatment is often not enough to keep the teeth permanently in their new position. For example, a person’s jaw growth plays a role, which is usually completed during the person’s mid-20s. To avoid a relapse, a so-called recurrence, routine maintenance is important.

Cleaning your teeth during treatment

Cleaning teeth daily with brush and floss is an important contribution that everyone can make for their own health. Persistent bacterial dental plaque is the cause of tooth decay and periodontitis and also requires a professional preventive strategy. With any orthodontic therapy, thorough and regular dental care is especially important.


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  2. Really loved this post was very truthful and honest which has helped me make my decision to have Invisalign. So thank you


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